Easter Egg. Non-chocolate. (I know, the horror!)

I know, it's Good Friday, nothing's open, boring-schmoring, what is there to do today?

Plant an egg. Yup, you read right, plant an egg, or a dozen! Delicate eggshells make precious pots for tiny plants such as coleus seedlings or small succulents or colorful miniature African violets.And, as the eggshell is biodregradable and full of lovely nutrients, when the plants get too big for the shells, you can transplant them straight to the soil, shell and all. Now is that low-maintenance or what?!


1. Hold an extra-large or jumbo egg on its side. Tap the pointed end firmly with a table knife to just break through the shell; turn it slightly and tap again to remove the "cap". Use or discard the contents and rinse the shell. (Make omelettes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, you name it!)

2. Create a drainage hole by carefully pushing the point of a small knife through the bottom of the shell.

3. Gently remove about half the soil from around the roots of a small plant - I got mine (a mixture of African Violets and Pepper Chives) from the seedling section of Bunnings, they cost under 20c each! Ease the roots and remaining soil into the shell; add a small amount of soil to cover the roots.

Voila! A super-cute crafty thing to do by yourself, or with kids, and think how cute they'd be as Easter gifts!

PS Thanks for all the emails, texts and comments. My grandfather passed away peacefully on Thursday morning, with his daughter and son (my Mum and uncle) sitting with him. I would also like to send a special thanks to a particular friend who always knows exactly what to say, even in horrid circumstances, and was, I believe, part of the reason he managed to beat swine flu last year. She sent him strong orange marmalade thoughts, arriving by steam-train, and that meant so much to me (and him!), so thanks for that, Squirrel.

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