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    Sunday, March 23, 2014
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    Tuesday, January 28, 2014
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    Monday, December 16, 2013
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    Wednesday, October 30, 2013
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    Saturday, October 19, 2013
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    Thursday, October 10, 2013
Katy Potaty :: Blog

Movin' on up...

You're welcome. 

If the M-People song 'Movin' on Up' isn't in your head by now... it should be. I'll do everything in my power to resist posting the groovy 90's film clip here, but I can't promise anything.

Ok, so I'm moving. (Not moving house. Never doing that again.)

Moving blogs! My new blog is actually a chilled little place over on the blogspot band, and I'm kinda happy about what most people would call 'a backwards step' in blogging. I have this blog here, with a fancy url and all the rest, but right now, all I need is a crisp and clear place to write some stuff that's floating around in my head.

So... join me if you like over at the new Katy Potaty. There will be wine, fairy bread and icecream cake. (At some point. When I eventually write another recipe post.)

When in doubt, take a time out.

Foodie Secret Santa - Sweet Maple Dukkah

I was lucky enough to have been invited invited to join Claire K Creations' Foodie Secret Santa this year, and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. The best part was that I only had to send one gift to three fellow food bloggers, and I would receive three foodie gifts in return!

I struggled a little after stalking my three recipients to check for food allergies and food preferences, but then struggled a lot when I realised that I'd be sending food gifts from my kitchen to the kitchens of some of the best food bloggers in Australia!

Sweet Maple Dukkah ended up ticking the boxes for me, it's a recipe I've made and tweaked before, it travels well (if sealed airtight), and is a sweet treat that I'd certainly enjoy on Christmas Day!

  • 1/3 cup sesame seeds
  • 1/4 cup poppy seeds
  • 2/3 cup toasted almonds, roughly chopped
  • 1/4 cup pine nuts
  • 3 tsp ground cinnamon
  • olive oil, to drizzle
  • 1 tbs maple syrup (accept no substitutes, maple flavoured syrup is just rubbish)

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Line a baking
 tray with baking paper. Combine seeds, almonds, pine nuts and spices, and spread on the tray.

Drizzle with a little olive oil and toast for 4 minutes. Add honey and stir to combine. Toast for a further 5-7 minutes until golden. Allow to cool completely, then pulse in a food processor until roughly chopped.

Pack in airtight bags or jars, and serve sprinkled over ricotta on toast, or on top of a melon fruit salad.

I also posted some of my good ol' classic peanut brittle, because who doesn't love a nutty treat late on Christmas Eve as they put the final touches to the gift wrapping?

Photo 'borrowed'from the lovely Gourmet Wog, because I was a twit and forgot to snap a pic before I posted my treats. Eejit.

Big thanks to the lovely Secret Santa Foodies who sent me delicious treats - I received some amazing sugar cookies, caramels and chco-walnut balls; choc-dipped orange peel (too delish to snap a photo of before I ate it all); and a DIVINE chilli and lime crumb which was perfect for the Red Emperor fillets we enjoyed on the BBQ on Saturday night!

Also thanks to Claire for being the genius behind the exchange, I don't know where she gets her energy from - she's always got something on the go!

To check out more of the Foodie Secret Santa goodness, check out everyone else's recipes!

Click here to head over and check out the delish treats that were flying around the country!

My five minute guide to a more Summery home

Now, I realise that the title of this post might not have been what you are expecting from me (since I'm not really a very good how-to blogger), but you know, all the fancy bloggers write tutorials.

So here we go... I'm going to help you achieve a lovely Summery vibe in your home in five minutes. But of course, I'll break it down for you in simple steps, because lists are awesome.

1. Go check your letterbox. (If it has a lock, don't forget to take the key with you, otherwise you'll have to repeat step 1.)

2. Retrieve beautiful parcel from your letterbox, and go back inside.

3. Scratch head and wonder what you've forgotten that you bought online. (Happens to people more often that you'd think.)

4. Open the parcel, and squeal. It's just so beautiful!

5. Cut a quick lap around the house before deciding that yes, this divine pineapple print looks perfect right there on the sideboard.

Biggest hugs and thanks to my incredibly sweet friend Claire of Claire K Creations, this was such an unexpected and out of the blue gift. I love my internet friends so much, and when they become real-life friends, I am delighted!

Must also thank Louise at Mid Century Child - this print arrived wrapped so beautifully, and the card with Claire's message was handwritten with love, nothing hastily done here. Would recommend Mid Century Child to all!

So many blank spaces

I love our new home. I love it so much.

But... there are a lot of empty spaces. Not furniture spaces (although Harvey Norman had better call to say our beautiful dining suite and buffet has arrived this week, or I will go slightly nuclear on their butt), but a lot of empty wall spaces.

Source: Energy Magic

You see, BB and I have lived in rental homes since we met and moved in together, and neither of us has been big on collecting art. Now that we have our own home, we're looking for the right things to fill the holes.

Source: BHG.com

We don't want to go on a mission, searching for something specific, we'd love to just come across the perfect picture when we're out and about, enjoying our weekends and holidays. I know we'll definitely keep ours eyes open next time we're in Port Douglas, and perhaps our Summer trip to Fraser Island will uncover something (or I'll snap a decent enough photo that we can get printed on canvas).

Source: Energy Magic

Do you have art on your walls? Is it something that you started collecting when you were in rental houses, or did you save that for your 'forever home'?

Source: Our Humble Abode

Source: Cashmere Fog

Not coral nails. I swear.

Quick, pick a colour, any colour!

If you chose any of the shades between pink and orange (usually known as corals), then you belong here, my friend.

As you would have to know by now, coral has been my favourite colour pretty much since I moved out of home and finally left my purple-and-teal-loving family for the fun-loving life in Brisbane. I don't think that there would have been a week go by in the past ten years where I didn't wear something coral, photograph something coral, or have coral polish on my fingers and toes. It's just my thing

(As a quick aside, does anyone else ever come across those older women who clearly have a thing where they wear a certain shade from head to toe, and often dye their hair to match? I swear I won't ever go that far. If I do, my buddy Anna has permission to tint my hair jacaranda purple.)

So, coral nails. As a long-time shellac wearer, I had my nails done in CND Shellac in Tropix for our wedding (and oh boy, didn't that cause a kerfuffle), and have always loved the colour on my fingers and toes.

My Tropix wedding mani, courtesy of Jo of Bare, Brown and Beautiful -
it was her wedding gift to me!

But... and this is a pretty big but. Regular applications of Shellac aren't exactly cheap, and they aren't super-gentle on my already flakin'-bacon nail beds either. The biggest downside to Shellac is that once it's on, it is ON, baby. You can't just change your colour because you change your frock.

I recently won a random competition on the CNDShop.com Facebook page, and my prize was the Vinylux colour of my choice. I'd not heard too much about the whole Vinylux thing, but was definitely willing to give it a go, especially once I scanned the colour swatches and saw my beloved Tropix in the list. So I responded effusively and gratefully, and was told a bottle of this hot pinky-coral was in the post to me. 

And it was, kind-of. Unfortunately (for them, not me), whoever picked and packed my little parcel must not have been wearing their specs, and popped a similar shade into my postpak, so when I opened my present (beautifully-wrapped, I must tell you), I discovered that I was the proud owner of Lobster Roll Vinylux!

Surprise! It's not Tropix!

After a quick email back and forth from me to let them know, mainly because their stock levels would have been out, CNDShop.com was super-generous enough to send me the Tropix as well. So now I have two. And if you don't think I'll be rocking these complementary colours on my fingers and toes, you don't know me well enough.

Tropix and the Vinylux Top Coat

I shan't review the product here today, because I only applied it this afternoon and want to give it the usual retail-trashing that I give all my polished before reporting back, but you need to know that it is pretty. Like, PRETTY pretty. (My cuticles are not, but whatever. I am busy and domestic and can't keep my nails all fancy-like.)

Shan't even bother apologising for the cuticle-grossness, because the colour is so awesome.

Thanks CNDShop.com!

Garden centres and printed pants

You know you're getting old when the thought of a visit to a garden centre makes you quite happy. Old, or have just bought a house.

The other day I hung out with Peta (of The Sea and Me Change and Trainee Mama) and enjoyed a cuppa and a catch up at Kunara Organic Marketplace (formerly The Natural Foodstore) at Forest Glen, and then strolled through their garden centre, dreaming up all the different plant combinations which would look awesome in our new garden.

Whilst my original intention was to try their Banoffee Pie after a colleague told me how delicious it was, they didn't have any in the cake cabinet, and I'd already eaten a pretty big salad for lunch. So I just enjoyed a peppermint tea while I snuggled Peta's baby, Ned.

I know it totally looks like I don't know how to carry a baby...

but seriously, Ned loves being face-down on my arm. It is honestly just like this, waaaaah, grumble, waaaah on his back - flip him over - smiley face!

Then Peta stalked me around the garden centre, trying to take 'candid' outfit photos of me. Lesson learnt: I can't even pretend to not know there's a camera pointed my way.

Contemplating a banksia for our front garden to attract native birds.

My ultimate, favourite, all-time bestest handbag -

the Louenhide Baby Suzie in Tangerine, it was my birthday gift from my parents this year (I may ask for a matching wallet and keyring next birthday)!

Silk Here Comes The Sun top; cotton Katies printed pants (similar here);

Country Road flat sandals (purchased last season, similar here);

Louenhide bag; Witchery earrings; mixed Seed and Eb&Ive bracelets

Thanks for taking some happy snaps, Peta!

The one where I want Taylor Swift and Zoe Hart's wardrobes...

You guys remember Kim-Marie of Kimba-Likes, right? Sure you do.

Well, she's lovely and kind, and she featured me in her Style Profile series. (Yeah, I was surprised too. But stoked!)

So, if you're mildly interested in what my all-time favourite wardrobe piece is, or if you perhaps want to know my favourite colour combination (if you can't guess, you ain't been hanging around here for long!), then head over to Kim-Marie's blog and find out!

Feeling Thankful Friday - Women who blog are awesome

I wrote this on Facebook late last week after a quick catch-up with a beautiful friend who I adore, 'You know those wonderful friendships where that person just makes you feel so good, and so pleased that you can call them a friend..?'

Well, even more of those quality friends have been coming out of the woodwork lately, and are only serving to reinforce the ol' quality over quantity thing for me. I am very lucky to be blessed with lots of casual friends, the ones who fill up parties and create long strings of Christmas cards. But I am even more fortunate to count a handful of strong and completely kickarse women as my very good friends. (Or as one of them likes to joke, as if we are squealing teens, BFFs.) These women all came into my life in very diverse and interesting ways, and unsurprisingly, a few popped up on my radar through the internet. Not one of my good friends is like the others, and they all serve various needs in my life (and I hope, I give them just as much as they give me).

What is it about women we meet on the internet? Is it that we open up a little more readily? Is it that we can pre-judge a little behind our keyboard and scrutinise where they might fit in our life? Is it awareness of common interests? Maybe it's a combination of all three. 

I was SUPER happy to have the gorgeous and oh-so-glowing-with-pregnancy Claire of Claire K Creations pop into my workplace the other day! We've never met before, but have been following each others' personal and blogging journeys for a few years now.

Gorgeous Claire enjoying a cupcake in New York!

Claire is a font of cooking knowledge, and a committed blogger who regularly posts the most mouthwateringly delish recipes and restaurant reviews. We originally tweeted and chatted a bit when I lived in Brisbane, and then shortly after my engagement, we discovered through a few Instagram pics of our wedding invitations, that we were getting married on the exact same day (at the same time)! Claire lives in Brisbane and was getting married on the Sunshine Coast, and I was living all over the shop (a bit in Hervey Bay and a bit in North Brisbane) and getting married in Port Douglas, so we bonded over the mutual stress of planning a destination wedding. We also talked a little about wedding menus, as you can imagine! We also both holidayed back at our wedding destinations for our first anniversary, which I think is a lovely tradition.

Meeting Claire in real life finally was wonderful, and I'm looking forward to catching up with her when I visit Brisbane and enjoying quite a few delicious meals together. Thanks so much for popping in, lovely!

Another now-in-real-life friend that I want to spend more time with is Rachel of Redcliffe Style. I finally met Rachel at a Blog Power event in Brisbane earlier this year, and it was long overdue. I have been following Rach's funny little corner of the internet for yonks now, and am constantly amazed and jealous of the bargains she finds. Oh, and all the day-time heels she wears!

Rachel rocking some amazing bright prints and Red Phoenix accessories.

Which I love.

This surprise package arrived for me (the first non-bill mail that I've received at our new house - yay!) and I couldn't wait to tear into it to find a sweet 'Just Because' card, and a lovely scarf!

Yep, I love when mail arrives addressed to my blog name! The postie must think I'm a bit odd though...

Now, Rachel knows that I have a bit of a scarf 'thing' and by 'thing', I mean that I actually needed multiple packing boxes to pack them all up for the big move. So what on earth she's doing giving me another one begs the question, is she an enabler? Maybe that's the space that Rachel is destined to fill in my life. I'm quite ok with that, just so you know.

Follow Claire's blog here, her Facebook here, and her Instagram here.

Follow Rachel's blog here, her Facebook here, and her Instagram here.

Giving the greatest gift

I'm sure you all are well aware that when I'm not here blogging (whether the absence is for a day, week or month), it's because I've got nothing much in my head to write about. (That, or I've run out of internet data.)

I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back, because I really do like sharing (or oversharing, according to my parents) here.  I read all the blogging-guru-type emails that I'm signed up for, and I cruise Pinterest for WAY too long in a procrastinating funk.  Those emails are so blah-dee-blah-blah-boring that I gradually unsubscribe, and I think to myself too often that I just need to write about what I am passionate about.  But then I worry that my parents are reading and I am only confirming their worst fears - I am a shallow girl who only gives a damn about coral prettiness.  This is just not true.  Well, the only part. I am into coral prettiness, but it's the NOT only thing I care about.  I'm not as selfish as they think. 

I care about doing good things, which is why I am a regular plasma donor at my local blood bank.  Plasma is the yellowish fluid in which the rest of the blood (red and white cells, and platelets) are suspended, and it is full of super-important nutrients and clotting factors.  Almost three litres of the average adult's five litres of blood is plasma, which means that I don't miss the 700 or so millilitres that the blood bank takes from me!  Plasma can be frozen for up to 12 months, and is used to make 18 different blood products which can be used to treat a huge number of different illnesses and conditions, including cancer patients and burn victims.

Little Ivy has an immune deficiency disorder which means that her body can't fight common infections. Ivy receives immunoglobin every three weeks to keep healthy and enjoy life.

I donate plasma every three or four weeks, and it only takes an hour and a half of my day.  I tell you now, if you want to feel good about yourself, and have incredibly lovely nurses telling you how awesome you are, book a blood donation appointment right now.  I have only ever had amazingly friendly nurses at the blood bank, and they are honestly so happy and thankful that I'm giving my time and my plasma.  It's the best kind of charity, and it doesn't even cut into my spending money!

Student Idonette knows about saving lives through her work as a volunteer surf lifesaver. Her own life was saved by 72 blood and platelet donors who helped her recover from leukaemia when she was 13.

I can phone up to postpone because I've been called into work, and the blood bank staff respond with  'Of course, we understand completely Katy, thank you so much for postponing', or if I am running late, I am greeted with  'Oh thank you so much for taking time out of your day, Katy'.  There's a strong attitude of gratitude going on at blood banks across the country, and it's really heartening to read all their posters and info about individual people that the donations help.  From little children with life-threatening cancers, to young adults who have been horrifically burnt in terrible accidents, to mothers and fathers and grandparents fighting to stay alive to watch their family grow up, it's just so moving.

Tiffany was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2006 but is now healthy and enjoying life thanks to treatments she received as a result of the generosity of Australia's blood donors.

So there you go.  I've written about something I'm passionate about (that's not fancy and frilly).  That was easier than I expected. 

I understand that blood donation isn't for everyone, I really do.  But if it's a possibility for you, and there's no big reason you haven't donated, I urge you to try it once.  You'll probably be pleasantly surprised by the whole experience, and at the very least, you'll have helped three people and will leave with a warm fuzzy feeling, and a full belly - the volunteers in the cafeteria section of my local blood bank rarely let me leave without consuming a spinach and cheese roll, a large cookie, a mini Mars bar and big cuppa!  (Yes, there's a very good reason I like to schedule my donations for lunch time.)

For more information, head to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service website.

  • One in three Australians will need blood or blood products in their lifetime
  • One in 30 Australians gives blood each year (3%)
  • One blood donation can save up to three lives
  • Australia needs more than 27,000 donations every week
  • Demand for blood and blood products will grow by 100% over the next 10 years (source: Australian Red Cross Blood Service)